We’ve spent decades in services businesses. We know the headaches that a business owner faces every day. We’ve lived them. Pool-E was designed with the specific goal of making your life better. Our solutions focus on the key areas that keep you up at night.

What if I lose a tech tomorrow?

With Pool-E, you can rebalance your routes across your existing techs or mass assign customers to a new tech in the click of a button.

Are my techs doing what they are supposed to do?

Pool-E’s mobile service tech tool was designed to help the tech and you, the owner. Not only does it show the techs their daily routes, but it also requires them to take pictures of the serviced pool. They enter their chemical readings and follow a guided checklist for every pool cleaning. They even take a photo of the closed gate just to give you and the customers peace of mind after every cleaning.

An important part of know how your techs are performing is the customer report card. Pool-E sends an email to the customer immediately after service. Included in the report card is a star-based rating system, just like you would see on Amazon. Customers can give your company instant feedback on performance. This gives you valuable insight and the customer a voice in the process. You will instantly be notified any time you get less than a 3 star review.

Did I close the gate at the Smith house?

Pool-E’s mobile service tech tool requires a security photo prior to closing out the service call. Give you and your customer peace of mind.

How am I going to make time to go give them a quote?

When you create your Pool-E account, you automatically get a pre-built fully integrated website for your business. Already have a website? Great. If you don’t, you’ve got one now. The whole purpose of your Pool-E site is to automate the quoting process. The “Get a Quote Now” button starts the Quick Quote process to help you on-board a customer directly from your phone, without a site visit. Best of all, the customer takes the photos, enters their information, saves their card on file. All you have to do is Approve or Deny the request. It’s that simple. Best of all they can even be automatically added to a route.

Who all owes me money?

Did you ever think getting paid was going to be so much headache? Neither did we. It’s not just the customers that don’t pay. It’s dealing with all the checks, invoices, mail and everything in between. What about that NSF? Did I apply the payment to the wrong account. It’s never ending and unfortunately, the bigger you get, the harder it becomes.

Pool-E makes this problem go away. Pool-E was designed to be a modern payment system. When using Pool-E, the goal is to get as many customers as possible to pay by credit card. This makes everyone’s life easier. Pool-E offers both monthly Auto-Pay and Pay-By-Service options. Either way, Pool-E creates the invoice, adds the chemicals, takes care of the sales tax, gets the money, applies the payment and sends the receipt. All this happens in a fraction of a second. If a customers payment fails to process because of an expired card, or any other reason, Pool-E will keep reminding them to update their card and take care of the invoice.

Did I remember to get all the parts I needed for today?

How many times have you gotten to a customer’s site and forgot to bring the new filter that was supposed to be replaced today?

With Pool-E’s Tech Tool, every tech sees a morning “Pick List” for all the items required for their route. This is driven by Pool-E’s integrated Work Order System.

Are we going to have enough work this winter?

Having steady cashflow through the off season is critical to keeping your staff and making sure the business thrives. With Pool-E, we’ve integrated marketing directly into the system. Every report card, on-boarding experience and communication helps educate your customers about these services. We want to help you fill up that calendar for service and project work.


Rearrange routes swiftly with Pool-E’s guided process to optimize technician schedules and minimize disruptions.


Train staff within minutes using Pool-E’s intuitive guidance, ensuring a shorter learning curve and faster onboarding.

Comprehensive Account History: Pool-E preserves complete account history, aiding in informed decision-making and fostering client relationships.


Utilize the Pool-E AutoChem system for precise chemical measurements, eliminating guesswork and enhancing service quality.

Usage Tracking: Keep track of chemical usage with the Pool-E AutoChem system, improving inventory management and reducing wastage.


Monitor technicians with Pool-E Tracking, view real-time service photos with GPS timestamps, and receive instant customer ratings through the Pool-E Report Card.



Using Pool-E, handling invoicing becomes effortlessly smooth, catering to both automatic and manual payment scenarios where credit card payments are accepted and encouraged for enrollment. Regardless of the approach, once payments are processed, Pool-E promptly dispatches invoices to customers, and the corresponding payments are seamlessly deposited into your bank account. Bid farewell to concerns about outstanding balances – entrust Pool-E to manage this. Moreover, Pool-E proactively sends reminders for overdue payments to customers.


  • Automatic Email Invoices: Utilize Pool-E’s automation to dispatch invoices promptly once payments are processed, enhancing customer experience.
  • Automatic Late Payment Reminders: Proactively address outstanding balances with Pool-E’s automated reminders, ensuring timely payments.
  • Automatic Deposits: Experience the convenience of automatic deposits into the business owner’s bank account, eliminating manual handling.


  • Auto-pay Convenience: Streamline payments with automatic processing, ensuring hassle-free compensation for your pool services.
  • Manual Pay Flexibility: Cater to different preferences by accommodating manual payment options, adapting to the needs of your clients.
  • Credit Card Pay Facilitation: Encourage enrollment and prompt payments by accepting credit card transactions, simplifying the payment process.
  • Enroll in Auto Pay: Empower clients to enroll in auto-pay, creating a seamless payment cycle for consistent compensation.



Remove uncertainty regarding the items required by technicians daily through Pool-E’s ability to produce a morning pickup list generated by the Pool-E Work Order system. In cases where a technician encounters difficulty accessing a customer’s pool or spa due to reasons like a locked gate or adverse weather conditions, the Pool-E Reroute system will automatically reschedule the visit, optimizing fuel usage and considering employee availability. Additionally, technicians are equipped to capture a photo documenting the reason for the property’s inaccessibility, which will be included in the customers’ account records. This allows both the business and the customer to view the photo for transparency and clarity. Pool-E further ensures continuous customer communication through automated email and text notifications, maintaining consistent updates.

  • Photo Documentation: Capture photos to explain reasons for property inaccessibility, providing a visual record.
  • Pool-E Auto Reroutes: Utilize Pool-E’s automated rerouting system for seamless rescheduling when needed.
  • Automated Customer Updates: Keep customers informed through Pool-E Auto Email and Pool-E Auto Text, ensuring immediate communication about any changes.


  • Mitigate Forgetting Items: Prevent instances of items being overlooked by technicians with Pool-E’s systematic approach.
  • Pool-E Work Order Morning Checklist: Equip technicians with a comprehensive morning pickup list generated by Pool-E’s Work Order system.
  • Property Inaccessibility Solutions: Address instances where properties are inaccessible by utilizing Pool-E’s solutions.
  • Transparent Reviews: Enable customers to leave reviews within the Pool-E Report Card, offering a channel for feedback (only visible to the business owner).
  • Prompt Complaint Resolution: Maintain awareness of customer concerns via the Review feature, ensuring swift responses to any issues raised.


  • Seamless Departures: Provide peace of mind as techs leave with Pool-E SafePic, capturing real-time images of the completed pool/spa and securely closed gate.
  • Evidence of Completion: Pool-E’s Proof of Service includes timestamps and GPS locations, accessible in the Pool-E Report Card.
  • Transparent Reviews: Enable customers to leave reviews within the Pool-E Report Card, offering a channel for feedback (only visible to the business owner).
  • Prompt Complaint Resolution: Maintain awareness of customer concerns via the Review feature, ensuring swift responses to any issues raised.



At the close of each month, the Pool-E PoolBooks System will send your sales tax reports via email. Prevent receipt loss with Pool-E’s integrated Mobile Expense Tracking, seamlessly linked with your PoolBooks System. This feature empowers technicians to immediately upload their receipts and expenses, which are then reflected on the P&L in real time. Streamline cash flow by invoicing monthly or upon service completion – it’s as simple as clicking a button.

  • Mobile Receipts: Seamlessly manage receipts on-the-go with Pool-E’s mobile integration.
  • Integrated Expense Tracking: Prevent receipt loss by linking Pool-E’s Mobile Expense Tracking with your PoolBooks System. Techs can instantly upload their receipts and expenses, reflecting on the P&L in real time.
  • Direct P&L Updates: Expenses are directly integrated into your Profit & Loss statements through the PoolBooks System.
  • Auto Sales Tax Emails: Receive automatic sales tax reports via email, generated by the Pool-E PoolBooks System.
  • Effortless Cash Flow: Streamline your financial flow by choosing to invoice monthly or upon service completion, easily managed with a simple click.
  • Super Easy Process: Simplify accounting and paperwork with Pool-E’s user-friendly features.


Optimizing Off-Season Strategies with Pool-E: Maintaining Steady Cash Flow and Engaging Year-Round Services
  • Consistent Cash Flow During the Off-Season: Ensure financial stability by effectively managing cash flow throughout slower periods.
  • Communication of Services: Inform customers about diverse year-round offerings, such as winter proofing, safety checks, and equipment replacement, using Pool-E’s mass communication capabilities.
  • Fill Up Winter Calendar by Pool-E: Utilize Pool-E to create work orders and establish a comprehensive winter service calendar, maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Showcase in the Pool-E Report Card: Display services prominently on the Pool-E Customer Report Cards, boosting awareness and engagement.
  • Tech Work Orders: Empower technicians with streamlined work orders, enhancing their effectiveness during colder months.
  • Keep Techs Busy: Engage and maintain technician productivity even when demand is lower, through efficient scheduling and service promotion.



Empowering Your Marketing and Revenue Potential

Pool-E is here to revolutionize your marketing efforts by seamlessly integrating your own lead-generating website for new job bidding. Boost your revenue by showcasing all your services – from pool heater installations to pump replacements – and let customers know the full extent of what you offer. During the onboarding process, Pool-E captures the services you provide, ensuring they’re prominently listed in the Pool-E Report Card and on your website. Utilize positive reviews to your advantage: encourage satisfied customers to share their feedback on Social Media and Google Reviews via the report card. Bid with efficiency by cutting out travel time – no more initial site visits. Potential customers can provide vital information through your integrated Pool-E website, streamlining the process from quote to onboarding, all without leaving your office.

  • Marketing Empowerment: Revolutionize marketing efforts by seamlessly integrating your lead-generating website for new job bids.
  • Website Leads: Attract potential customers with a custom website showcasing your services and capabilities.
  • Bidding New Jobs: Enhance revenue by presenting a comprehensive range of services, including equipment and additional offerings highlighted on the Pool-E Report Card.
  • Utilize Positive Reviews for External Marketing: Leverage satisfied customer feedback on the report card to encourage positive external reviews on Social Media and Google Reviews.
  • Efficient Bidding Process: Bid with efficiency by eliminating initial site visits – potential customers can provide essential information through the integrated Pool-E website.
  • QuickQuote: Streamline the quote-to-onboarding process, all within your office environment.
  • Feel free to adapt the content to align with your website’s style and messaging. If you need further assistance or modifications, please let me know!